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Google Ads is an online advertising platform established by Google, where promoters bid to show brief ads, service offerings, merchandise listings, or videos to online users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Why should you use Google ads?

It increases leads and customers!

Google Ads lets you to focus on the persons who are searching for what your company offers. This means you can constantly improve your searches so that only users who want to purchase your products or services are sent to your websites through this platform.

Google AdsWords Management


Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis

Our reports show which keywords are creating leads or sales and which are not. We monitor this to be sure we are focusing on the keywords that are working best and targeting specific phrases.

Search Network Advertising

We monitor your search network advertising progress and engagement to adjust bids, ads, and keywords to reflect best the traffic that will engage most positively on your site.

Ad Variation & Testing

Multiple ads are tested using A/B testing methods to determine which ads lead to the highest click-through and conversion rates. We will also develop landing pages, copy variations and test which work best.

All aspects of the account will be reviewed each month to determine what areas can be improved and ensure the campaign is running smoothly.

Google Ads


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Google Ads location targeting permits your advertisements to appear in the geographic locations that you select: countries, areas within a country, a radius around a location, or location groups, which can contain places of interest, your business locations, or tiered demographics.

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  • Target your ads. 
  • Control your costs.
  • Measure your success.
  • Manage your campaigns.
pay per click, google marketing, google adwords

Google Ads functions on a payperclick model, in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their ads. Each time a search is started, Google digs into the pool of Ads publicists and selects a set of winners to appear in the valued ad space on its search results page.

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